The Dress Spawns Great Color Debate, Plus Hilarious Reviews On Amazon

“The dress” has been causing one of the greatest Internet debates of 2015. Even celebrities have been joining in on the fun. A woman posted a picture of the dress on Tumblr that has been driving the Internet wild. Some users say that it’s white and gold, while others believe it to be black and blue. This has created hashtags like #TeamBlueandBlack and #TeamWhiteGold to show which side they’re on.

The dress has been trending on both Facebook and Twitter. Some users have even taken upon themselves to find out where the dress is sold. After some investigation, Yahoo News found that the dress is actually black and blue, and made by the brand Roman. It’s also available for sale on Amazon.

That didn’t take long for users to trash the color of the infamous dress. Some even went as far as to trash the dress’ looks. One user named “Jolie Fine” said the dress caused problems with the people around her.

“I was going to a fancy white and gold party (it’s a thing) so I bought this dress because clearly, despite the item description, it was the perfect colour combination of white and gold. How disappointed I was when half the people attending told me I looked crazy in what they said was a ‘black and blue’ dress. To make a long story short, I am now scared, depressed, friendless, back on my psych meds, questioning my entire existence and filing for divorce tomorrow. I gave it three stars because the fit is fantastic!”

One user has even joked that they are also now “friendless” because they wore the dress.

“This dress was great. Bought it for my girlfriend and at first she looked amazing. Her whole body was stunning in the blue and black dress. Then all of the sudden the dress turned a hideous white and gold. She went from the hottest girl in the room to this hideous creature that scared small children. All my friends now hate me and my parents told me they wish they had aborted me.”

The Inquisitr also reported that the dress is actually black and blue. The woman behind the viral photo sensation has finally spoken out. Caitlin McNeil took the photo and said she wore it to a friend’s wedding. There was a disagreement between her and her fiancée about the actual colors of the dress, which has created the great color debate on social media.

This debate has left many people scratching their heads and wondering why they see the dress differently. According to another Inquisitr report, the light that enters the retina in the back of the eye allows it to correspond to color differently. Add that to the poor lighting in the photo, and this gives some people difficulty in determining the real color of the dress.

The dress is still available on Amazon in sizes 12 through 20. It’s also available on the Roman site, also in sizes 12 through 20. Roman changed the name from “Women’s Lace Detail Bodycon Dress Royal Blue” to “Royal-Blue #TheDress Lace Bodycon Dress.” Another mystery is why the great color debate of 2015 hasn’t caused this dress to sell out yet?

It’s any wonder if Roman will release a white and gold version of the dress just too satisfy those who still think it’s white and gold.

[Image: Roman/CaitlinMcNeil]