51-Year-Old Man Charged For Murdering His Neighbor Thinks He Is A Werewolf

A 51-year-old man who is on trial for allegedly murdering his neighbor, 52-year-old Colleen Barga-Milbury, in May 2013 believes that he has been a werewolf for the past 20 years.

While the suspect pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to shooting Barga-Milbury, forensic psychologist Carolyn Murphy told the court on Tuesday that Mark Andrews thinks he possesses the “spirit of the wolf.”

After interviewing him for five hours, she told KSBY, “(He believes) he transforms into a werewolf. He believes he holds the spirit of the wolf.”

Following the interview, Murphy told the court that Andrews said he believed the voice of God had commanded him to gun down his neighbor since he was convinced she was a vampire.

The court was told that Andrews would follow what the voices in his head commanded him to do and that he had been hospitalized at least eight times for his mental issues.

For their part, the prosecution are arguing that although the defendant is mentally ill, he was sane at the time he shot and killed Barga-Milbury.

Meanwhile, Deputy District Attorney Matt Kraut showed the rifle used in the murder to the court, adding that medical reports confirmed the gun was shot around 24 inches away from the victim’s head.

Kraut told the jury, “He was on point. He was organized. He was not psychotic. And that’s exactly how he was when he killed colleen in the entry way of her own home – in cold blood.”

The reason why the prosecution believe the suspect was sane at the time of the murder is because numerous interactions he had with various people before the shooting were considered to be “normal.”

A jury of six men and six women are now deliberating the case while trying to decide if Andrews was sane at the time he allegedly killed his neighbor.