‘Dying Light’ $387,700 Edition Announced, Interactive Story Video Released

Dying Light is getting one of the most expensive special editions in video games today. In fact, it will set you back quite a bit, but you at least get a house out of the deal.

Dying Light Apocalypse Edition 387700 Game

According to CNET, the Dying Light “Apocalypse Edition” can be purchased for $387,700. Yes, that’s correct. Included in the cost are four signed copies of the Xbox One version of Dying Light, actual zombie parkour lessons to help you gain an edge over the brainless horde to come, a “zombie proof” shelter, night-vision goggles, and adult diapers. You will also be able to have your face skinned onto a Night Hunter for use in Dying Light. Also included is a life-size model of a Zombie, in case your zombie shelter was lacking any undead inside.

In other Dying Light news, Techland has released an interactive story showcasing “Life and Death in the Quarantine Zone.” This interactive video is available via the official website for Dying Light, and it lets players see a day in the life the player both during the daytime and during the night.

The video can seamlessly switch between day and night simply by holding down the “Z” key on the keyboard. Night and day are drastically different in Dying Light. During the day, you feel in control and can easily see and pick and choose your encounters with the zombies of Harran. When night falls, however, it is a completely different experience. When you’re not cowering from the chance a zombie can pop out of nowhere, Night Hunters that simply don’t stop rushing you are right around every corner, waiting to strike. Dying Light showcases exactly how the rules can change with a simply flick of a switch, and the video shows this pretty well.

Dying Light has recently come under fire, as well, for its update that locked out modders of the PC version. While a recent update has removed this restriction, as reported by the Inquisitr, it didn’t stop the modding community from blasting Techland for locking the files necessary for the mods. Techland has stated that they want Dying Light to be a game that is inclusive to the modding community, even putting out a call for modders to suggest content to be created, according to a report by Polygon. Also, leading up to the physical release in part of the world, the Dying Light developer has released a series of videos on YouTube to serve as “protips” to aide players in Harran.

Still playing Dying Light? What are your experiences in the night? Sound off about your Dying Light survival stories in the comments below.

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