Samsung Galaxy S6 Twins Appear In Fresh Set Of Leaked Photos Days Before Official Announcement

Samsung is all set to announce its new flagship device — the Samsung Galaxy S6 — at its much talked about “Samsung Unpacked” event at Barcelona on March 1. From what we know now, Samsung seems to have taken a cue from arch nemesis Apple and have decided to launch not one, but two versions of the Galaxy S6. Like mentioned in an earlier Inquisitr report, there would be a normal version of the Galaxy S6 as well as another version with a curved display the Korean electronics giant hopes to sell for a premium. While several U.S.-based carriers had deliberately “leaked” side profile images of the Galaxy S6, we still had no idea as to how the devices actually looked from up front. Well, not any more.

Folks from over at Android Central have posted images of what they say are both the versions of the Samsung Galaxy S6 that the company plans to announce on March 1. Like in the case of most leaked images, these leaked photos, too, are of poor quality and it is difficult to make out whether these indeed are the new Galaxy S6 versions or simply mock up versions conjured up by someone in China. Nevertheless, with a trustworthy source reporting the development, there is good chance that this might actually be the two versions of the Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 leaked images

The set of images were initially posted on the popular developer forum, XDA Developers, after which, they were posted on to several blogs. The images show two devices — one with a curved display and another with a normal display. Now, both the devices seem to have undergone very little changes from a design perspective at first glance. The normal purported Galaxy S6 looks very similar to last year’s S5. The curved version, too, borrows heavily from the 2014 design — with the exception of the curved display, of course.

What makes us skeptical about these being the original Galaxy S6 versions is another report, in which a senior official from a cellular carrier mentioned about the new Galaxy S6 models being radically different from their older siblings. Nevertheless, as with almost all leaked images, we advise you to take these images, too, with the traditional pinch of salt. We would find out what the new versions of the Galaxy S6 would actually look like in less than a week anyway. Let’s be patient!

[Images via Android Central]