Missing House: Oregon Police Investigating Possible Case Of Stolen House

An Entire House Goes Missing

There are not too many details in this bizarre case, but it seems that an entire house went missing in the state of Oregon. The house has since been located and was not damaged during its disappearance. But now, police are questioning how it’s possible that a house just goes missing without a trace.

According to KOBI-TV, Sheriff Frank Skrah said during a press conference on Tuesday that the missing house was reportedly stolen. The homeowner was notified of its disappearance, but Skrah didn’t give the person’s name.

“We had a complete home stolen. This isn’t a motor home, this isn’t a mobile home, this is a ‘home.'”

During the press conference, Skrah showed a picture of what the missing house looked like. Skrah added that the house was not on wheels at the time of its disappearance.

“… it was on the foundation you see it on now.”

The missing house was from the Sprague River area in Oregon’s Klamath County. Now that it has been located, KOBI-TV reports that three people have come forward claiming to be owners.

Even people on Twitter are curious about how an entire house goes missing.

Skrah told the Washington Post that this is the first time his department has had a case in which an entire house went missing.

“I’ll tell you, we were sitting around … myself with 40 years of experience … but we have never heard of anything like this. It’s crazy. Who steals an entire house?”

The house was eventually found, and there seemed to be no harm done to it. But as the Washington Post puts it, it was “about 10-15 miles from its original location.” Skrah then explained how it’s possible that the missing house wound up in a different location.

“We think that somebody busted out the foundation, jacked it up, put a lowboy [trailer] underneath it and lowered it down on the lowboy and took it.”

This was not something that happened overnight. Skrah noted that he did speak to the homeowner who reported the missing house, and he recalled what the person told him.

“[The owner] went to visit his part-time home and between the first time he saw it and a couple of months later, it was gone. I mean, can you imagine?”

With the missing house found, Skrah said there are some “potential suspects” in the case, but he didn’t release any names.

[Image via KOBI-TV]