27 Percent Of British Muslims Support ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Massacre, BBC Poll Finds

According to a recent poll carried out by the BBC, a reported 27 percent of British Muslims sympathize with and even support the recent Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, as well as the slaying of Jews at a Kosher supermarket.

The poll reveals that something like one in four British Muslims identify with the Islamist terrorists who killed all those innocent people in Paris. To be more precise, the poll notes that the 27 percent of British Muslims mentioned have, “some sympathy for the motives behind the attacks.”

On top of that, around 32 percent revealed they were not surprised that the attacks took place, while 11 percent said that magazines which publish images of the Prophet Mohammed “deserve to be attacked.”

Interestingly, the poll also found that 95 percent of Muslims express loyalty to Britain, with 93 percent agreeing that British laws must be obeyed by Muslims.

Sadly, an increasing number of British Muslims find themselves with an identity crisis, while trying to be “good Muslims” as well as good and valuable members of British society.

Being that an estimated 2.8 million Muslims live permanently in Britain, the poll would extrapolate that an estimated 750,000 British Muslims sympathize with the likes of ISIS and their cause.

The poll comes with the backdrop of hundreds of Muslims attending the funeral of the Copenhagen gunman, who shot up a Danish cafe as well as a synagogue, killing two people, showing that British Muslims aren’t the only ones who support terror.

While President Obama assures Americans that Jihad and the attacks in Europe have nothing to do with with real Islam, there are many who are now worrying that in fact this is the true face of Islam and it is finally rearing its head.

One need only take a look at the MEMRI website, to find hundreds of speeches, given by Muslim leaders, stating that Jihad or”Holy war” is the essence of Islam, in its ultimate form.