Couple Dies Hand In Hand: 67 Years Of Marriage Ends With Couple Still Very Much In Love

A couple died hand in hand after being married for 67 years in what many are calling a real-life love story a la The Notebook. According to ABC News, Floyd and Violet Hartwig passed away together on February 11 after an amazing life together. As the two were in the same room together, their daughter, Donna Scharton, pushed their beds together.

“[My dad] would tell the doctor, ‘I’m okay I just want her fixed.’ That was his concern; not how bad his pain was, but that he wanted my mom fixed. We could tell my dad was in a lot more pain. We said ‘it’s getting close,’ so we pushed the hospital beds together as far as we could. We put their hands together, and my dad died holding my mom’s hand. Mom was not coherent, but we told her that dad had passed away and that he was waiting for her. She died five hours later.”

The couple who died hand in hand were married in 1947 and had three children together. They met in grammar school but didn’t really start dating until Floyd was on leave from the Navy. Once he was home from war, the two decided to wed. And the rest was pretty much history. According to WCVB, the couple raised their three children in a modest ranch in Easton, California. When both Floyd and Violet started having health problems, their children decided it was best to keep them together, even though they needed round-the-clock care.

“My mom had dementia for the last several years and around the holidays we noticed she was going down. Then, I got a call from the doctor saying ‘your dad has kidney failure and he has two weeks to live.’ So, we decided to put them in hospice together.”

Scharton said that death was so difficult for her parents because “they didn’t want to let go of each other.” As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there is something so special about the relationship between Floyd and Violet, and their children want to keep those precious memories alive forever. It is undeniably beautiful when you really think about it. Their bond was simply unbreakable.

“Their children note that their parents shared a deep connection, and that between the two they shared 131 love letters. The children still have the letters as a reminder of their parent’s undying love.”

[Photo courtesy of ABC News/Cynthia Letson]