February 25, 2015
Mariah Carey Is Joined By Madonna In Stage Mishap Hall Of Fame

Mariah Carey is a diva with a voice that barely anybody in the history of music can match. Unfortunately, she has experienced some major stage mishaps lately. Music and Lyrics describes what happened at Mariah's show in Jamaica.

"It was all chaos. Mariah used playback for the majority of her Jamaican show (why?) but it was only in the 'Fantasy' performance where something went really wrong. Did she miss her cue? Was she unable to hear the playback correctly? Couldn't she handle the high humidity and temperature of the area? I don't know what happened but this was an embarrassing mess."
Mariah now has company from her former frenemy Madonna, who took an epic fall on stage (but made an epic recovery) at the Brit Awards this evening. USA Today describes what happened at a dancer pulled the Queen of Pop's cape with a little too much force.
"Splat. That's the sound of Madonna eating stage as she fell — HARD — during her caped performance at the Brit Awards, happening now in London. But, because she's a boss, she got right back up and kept on performing. Luckily, she didn't impale herself on any of those writhing dudes' horns, cuz that would've sucked. Madonna assured us that she is fine."
Luckily for Madonna, it was revealed that she was singing live. Mariah Carey was singing live at her concert too, but that -- unfortunately -- was not the part of the show that the media publicized. Madonna is such a perfectionist that seeing her have a stage mishap is shocking. Mariah, on the other hand, has been used to them. She was was also ridiculed for her Rockefeller Christmas performance, though Us Magazine claims it was because of the leaked isolated vocals.
"For Christmas, Mariah Carey should get some vocal rest. The Elusive Chanteuse performed her beloved holiday classic 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' at the Wednesday, Dec. 3 Tree Lighting Ceremony in NYC's Rockefeller Center, and The Concourse's newly released isolated vocal track shows just how much the pop diva struggled to hit her famed high notes."
It's easy to pick on Mariah Carey, but she is going through a very hard time in her life right now, with her divorce from Nick Cannon, which has been tabloid fodder since last year. Mariah Carey has enough time to prepare for her Las Vegas residency, which starts in May. Let's hope Mariah Carey can, once again, prove why she is "The Voice."

[Photo Credit: YouTube Screen Capture]