Secret Service Probes Obama “Bullet Holes” T-Shirt Picture

An online image of several young Arizona men with a President Obama T-Shirts covered in bullet holes has led to an official problem by the United States Secret Service.

In the photo seven young men are shown holding guns while one of the boys holding the shirt that shows Obama’s face and the world “hope.”

The photo was discovered after it was posted to the personal Facebook page of an Arizona police officer last week but was taken down on Thursday.

According to a Secret Service representative:

“We’re aware of it, and we’re conducting the appropriate follow-up steps.”

In the meantime Peoria, Arizona police have joined in the investigation to find “any possible policy violations on the part of our employee.”

The photo also appeared on the Facebook page of one high school student who appeared in the photo and that students school district has also decided to open an investigation of their own.

A spokesman for the Secret Service noted:

“Individuals certainly have a right to free speech, but we certainly have a right to speak to individuals to see what their intent is.”

The Secret Service routinely investigates internet threats made against politicians and the agency has an Internet Threat Desk to field such cases.

Do you think a probe should be opened into this type of activity or does the Secret Service have more important things to do then go after a bunch of young Republicans in Arizona?