Bride Viciously Beaten On Wedding Night — Groom Says Reports Are Extremely ‘One-Sided’

The story has flooded the Internet over the past couple of weeks, and it is one that tells a scary tale. A new bride was viciously beaten by her husband on her wedding night and all because he couldn’t get her wedding dress off. The story has made the rounds, but now the groom has spoken out and said that maybe not everything has been told.

Twenty-two-year-old Amy Dawson married long-time boyfriend Gavin Golightly in August of last year, and everything appeared to be perfect, according to the Mirror. As the couple got to their room after the wedding, it’s been reported that the 29-year-old Golightly unleashed on Dawson.

Dawson was attempting to take her wedding dress off and asked her new husband for help, and that was when he broke into a violent tirade. He was unable to help her out so they started arguing and he threw her to the floor and beat her to the point of leaving her with a cut eyebrow, bruised chest, and bruised face.

Per prosecutor Sarah Traynor, the attack could have been much worse.

“The defendant then jumped up from his chair, approached Ms. Dawson and pushed her over. He then sat on top of her and started punching her with clenched fists. He then got up and left the room. It appears that the defendant then came back to the room.”

The Sun Times reports that Golightly claims his drink was spiked at the wedding after-party and he remembers nothing of the incident. Other than that, the groom hasn’t really spoken out about the incident at all.

Inquisitr reached out to Golightly to see if he had anything to say regarding what has been said in the reports.

“My family, friends and I know the real truth and that’s enough for me.”

Golightly was then asked if the stories that have come out about the incident with his new bride tell the whole story.

“Was very one sided but that’s what sells news.”

He would not directly state if things happened exactly as told or why he pleaded guilty if not everything was laid out.

Dawson has since filed for divorce and has a restraining order against Golightly. He is to have no direct or indirect contact with her.

In the case of the viciously beaten bride on the night of her wedding, Gavin Golightly pleaded guilty to a single count of assault causing bodily harm and received 24 months of supervision. Dawson does not believe that was nearly enough punishment for him. Some wonder if both sides of the story will ever be fully told.

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