Sojin Suicide: K-Pop Star Dead After Apparent Suicide, Jumps 10 Stories

Ahn Sojin is dead after an apparent suicide. The K-pop star was found in the garden of an apartment complex in Korea. According to All Kpop, the member of the singing group “Baby Kara” is believed to have jumped 10 stories to her death. The police have concluded an investigation, and the family is planning to cremate Sojin’s body after having a wake for her.

“We have concluded it to be suicide and we will be wrapping up the case. We did not find any traces of evidence that would suggest that it was something other than suicide. The family of the deceased are having a very difficult time, they want to send her off peacefully so there will not be any autopsy.”

Sojin’s suicide has left her family, friends, and fans stunned. The 22-year-old was suffering from depression, according to some of her friends. According to the SpreadIt, some seem to think that her recent career failure may have pushed her to her breaking point. Despite trying to stay upbeat, and keep a positive attitude, sources say that she was having a really hard time with how things had been going for her recently.

“It is being reported that Sojin was fired by DSP Media in January and she was not expected to join the label’s upcoming girl group, April. The termination of her contract, the lack of family support made her depressed and pushed her to commit suicide, according to insiders.”

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their sadness.

The K-pop world has lost quite a few singers over the past year. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ladies’ Code members EunB and RiSe were both killed in an accident last summer. Fans were completely devastated by this news, and flooded social media with messages of grief. The remaining members of Ladies’ Code, Sojung, Ashley, and Zuny, all survived the crash.

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[Photo courtesy of All Kpop]