February 25, 2015
Lisa Vanderpump's Blog: 'RHOBH' Star Understands Lisa Rinna's Concerns, Can't Understand How Taking A Pain Pill Had 'No Bearing' On Kim's Sobriety

Lisa Vanderpump's blog on Wednesday included her thoughts on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

After watching the show play out, Vanderpump's blog explained her feelings towards Rinna, who, in an emotional moment, revealed her husband, Harry Hamlin, was three years sober after losing two of his brothers to addiction.

On February 25, Vanderpump's blog noted the following.

"I really felt for Lisa as she explained her feelings in regard to Harry quitting drinking and the death of his brothers on the way to the event. I feel that is absolutely why she is so concerned."
As Vanderpump's blog continued, the reality star recalled a Season 4 moment, in which she was shunned for asking Kim Richards if she had taken a sleeping pill.
"I still can't quite compute the difference between me asking whether she took a sleep aid, which she interpreted as contesting her sobriety, and her taking a pain pill at the poker night, which apparently had no bearing in breaking her resolve to abstain."
On an earlier episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Richards was seen acting aloof during a poker party at the home of Eileen Davidson. When her sister, Kyle, confronted her about her behavior, she admitted to taking pain medication for her back.

While the issue appeared to be a red flag, Kim insisted it was not a relapse, since she didn't intentionally alter her behavior.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Vanderpump's blog isn't the only place the restaurant owner has vented about her co-stars. Earlier this week, Vanderpump spoke out about Kim and Kyle's relationship during an interview, which was recounted by Reality Tea on February 24.

"I understand clearly that she is having a troubled time reconciling the demise of her relationship with Brandi and the closeness between her sister and Brandi. It was all was a little difficult to digest."
While Glanville's name often comes up in Vanderpump's blog, she didn't talk much about her this week, which may be because of a recent Twitter feud the two had. Last week, after Vanderpump's blog referred to Glanville as "irrelevant," Glanville took to Twitter, slamming her for discussing her so much.This week, Vanderpump's blog acknowledged Glanville's part in the race for charity, but didn't go into any detail about her behavior.

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