iPad Air Sale May Signal Very Soon iPad Pro Release

The iPad Air and iPad Air 2 may not be the big sellers Apple hoped for, but they still made somewhat of an impact. According to MacRumors, the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 are now both on sale.

“Following Valentine’s Day, deals are a bit sparse, but there are still some discounts to be had on the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3. Best Buy is also continuing to offer discounts on its stock of now-discontinued higher-capacity iPad Air and iPad mini 2 models, and several sites have cut the prices on the Retina MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air.”

MacRumors reveals that B&H Photo is slashing up to $60 off its complete stock of iPad Air 2 models and dropping the price of the 16GB Wi-Fi only model to $464. That’s quite a deal. If you don’t mind going for 2013’s iPad Air, which isn’t significantly different from the current iPad Air 2, you may want to head over to Best Buy in order to see the deals they have.

What do all these iPad sales mean? According to many insiders, it means that the iPad Pro may come sooner than we expect. Some rumors, as reported by Bidness Etc., suggest the iPad Pro may be more of an upgrade than people had originally thought.

“The iPad Pro might be a different upgrade compared to previous expectations. It might be closer to a MacBook Air than the iPad Air 2. Based on rumors, the Apple iPad Pro is expected to be around 12.2 inches, coupled with a better processor, more RAM, more powerful graphics. Other features include stereo speakers and a custom stylus. It is also expected to come with more built in storage and a 4k display. There is also speculation that the iPad Pro could have a different architecture and software base, marking a shift from ARM-based processors to the Intel Core i-series.”

The use of the Core i-series processor suggests that the iPad Pro may run an operating system more like OS X than iOS. According to MacRumors, the iPad Pro may combine both operating systems.

“Despite this public dismissal, J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz predicted earlier this month that Apple is indeed working on a platform that combines OS X and iOS, which is termed as iAnywhere.”

An Apple tablet that runs OS X and iOS would be a dream come true. It would be a nightmare for Microsoft, who is just starting to succeed with the Surface Pro 3. The upcoming announcement of the iPad Pro will definitely be exciting.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]