February 25, 2015
WWE News: Roman Reigns Failed Drug Test False -- WWE Statement Inside

After the news broke yesterday that Brock Lesnar walked off Monday Night Raw, the WWE Universe is in universal confusion as to what is going on. Did he walk off just like CM Punk did, with no intentions of coming back? Realistically, that will not happen. Lesnar has no personal vendetta against WWE, unlike Punk who had the entire world against WWE. Something set Lesnar off, which caused him to get mad and leave Nashville.

The latest update to this situation is a serious one. It has the potential to cause a domino effect inside the WWE. According to a Reddit user, who claims to have a source inside WWE, Brock Lesnar walked off WWE Raw due to Roman Reigns failing a drug test.

Vince McMahon, and the rest of the WWE officials, were told of his failure early-Monday morning. McMahon then didn't suspend Reigns, which caused Lesnar to get upset with McMahon and leave Nashville.

Apparently, Lesnar wasn't supposed to be involved in the Paul Heyman, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns segment. He was only supposed to show up at the main event, which is why the ending seemed a bit lackluster. Lesnar would've confronted Reigns at the end of the tag match, which would put another mark on their good feud.

Remember, this is all a rumor right now. Granted, there are moderators on Reddit Squared Circle that are looking into the situation and have not deemed it false. After thinking about it for a few minutes, the scenario spelled out by the Reddit user makes sense. Brock Lesnar would not walk off an episode of WWE programming without a good reason. If it is true, that's a very good reason.

Just to recap the WWE's drug testing policy, the first fine a WWE superstar would face is a 30-day suspension. A second penalty would result in a 60-day suspension, and it only goes up from there. A third fine is a 90-day suspension, and the fourth fine results in termination of his or her contract.

If this is also true, the WrestleMania 31 main event could also be in jeopardy. Since the WWE found out about the incident on Monday morning, 30 days later is still four days before WrestleMania 31. Obviously, Brock Lesnar is not happy about the apparent drug test-failure. That could cause a huge rift in the main event scene.

We'll keep everyone updated on this huge story as it develops. If it is confirmed or denied, we'll update the story appropriately. Keep in mind that it is still a rumor, and it should be taken as such. What is confirmed, is Brock Lesnar did walk off WWERaw.

UPDATE: I just received confirmation from WWE Officials that Roman Reigns failing a drug test is false. The report from earlier was proven to be just that, a rumor. We still don't know the true reason why Brock Lesnar walked out of WWE Raw, but we'll keep you updated on the situation as it develops.

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