'Charlie Hebdo' Memorial In Paris Vandalized For The Fourth Time In Two Weeks

For the fourth time in just two weeks, the Charlie Hebdo memorial in Paris has been vandalized.

In this case, the vandalism is more poignant, as it was politically motivated and presumably perpetrated by those who either agree that the massacre was a good thing, or at the very least, are against the principles of free speech.

Sadly, it seems that there is a lot of support in France for the radical Islamist position of the Charlie Hebdo killers, as is proved by the numerous attacks on the memory of those killed, as well as the fact that a reported 500 Muslims attended the Islamic burial of the murderers.

While the Charlie Hebdo memorial's creator told reporters, "When this happened before, we repaired the damage without saying anything, but this is too much," as the head of a group called "17 Never Again," Sabrina Deliry, added, "We're sickened and disgusted. It's not the wind or the rain that did it as even objects and messages that were covered have been vandalized."

According to the Telegraph, another member of the same group, Rémy Vialeret, who cleans and maintains the memorial, said the attacks have gotten worse, "This time, they wrecked everything," Vialeret said, referring to pictures and messages which had been physically ripped up.

While it's clear that there is significant support for the Charlie Hebdo massacre, which is worrying enough in itself, within France and the fact that French Muslims decided to vandalize the Charlie Hebdo memorial - a memorial which represents peace and unity - is a frightening reality.

As Europe finds itself in an impossible situation, trying to keep the status quo between its various ethnic groups, France is at the forefront, as many millions of Muslims live there, and many of them tend towards a radical Islamist approach, rather than a more moderate Muslim one.

It's not clear at this time whether or not a CCTV system will be set up to catch the perpetrators of such vandalism, and then the question would be what to do with them if they are caught.