February 25, 2015
Donald Trump On Oscars: 'A Great Night For Mexico, As Usual'

Donald Trump was not pleased by this year's Academy Awards. He went on Fox News to express his disgust at what he called "a great night for Mexico." Trump's criticism is in stark contrast to the many critics who called this year's Oscars "too white."

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Neil Patrick Harris started off the 87th annual Academy Awards joking, "today we honor Hollywood's best and whitest." Later correcting himself, saying he meant "brightest."

It was a slight jab at the Oscar's lack of diversity. Donald Trump felt very differently.

According to the Latin Times, Trump phoned into Fox News' morning show Fox and Friends to put in his two cents on the awards.

"It was a great night for Mexico, as usual — this country, you know, the whole thing is ridiculous … This guy kept getting up and up and up. What's he doing? He's walking away with all the gold? Was it that good? I don't hear that. It was a big night for them."
Who was the Donald referring to?

Salon Magazine reports that he was talking about Birdman director and writer Alejandro Iñárritu. He won best director, and Birdman took best picture.

Donald Trump was pretty unhappy about it. He started off his Fox and Friends rant saying, "I thought it was terrible. I thought a lot of the winning performances and a lot of the winners were surprise winners."

Trump wasn't the only one to notice Mexico's great victory. The Latin Times reported that Alejandro Iñárritu's long-time friend Sean Penn joked, who had given "this son of a bitch his Green Card?"

The question touched off a media fire-storm, even though it didn't offend the director in the least. Iñárritu later got in his own joke, saying immigration rules had become too loose because "two Mexicans in a row is suspicious."

Unlike Sean Penn, Donald Trump seems to be legitimately unhappy with the results. Likewise, Trump hated the speeches on progressive social issues, the fact that American Sniper was "snubbed," and, perhaps most of all, the set.

"There was a lot of conservative hatred there, there's no question about that. I haven't seen any conservatives get up lately and start ranting and raving. So sort of an interesting evening, but I thought it was just not a good-looking program. And I thought the set looked horrible."
Fox and Friends host Elisabeth Hasselbeck concurred with the Donald's take on the awards, complaining that American Sniper lost in two categories even though more Americans saw it in the theaters.

But he isn't just about complaining, Donald Trump has a solution to the poor quality of the Oscars. He believes a new host will make all the difference, see his recommendation here.

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