WWE: John Cena Will Be ‘The Last Main Eventer, Everyone Else Is Just Mid-Card’

John Cena — he’s been the face of the WWE for several years. He sells more merchandise than any other superstar and does more to keep the company’s name in the limelight as well.

Talk to all the legends that are still around — Ric Flair, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Triple H — and they’ll all tell you that he’s the best in the business. One of the best of all time.

It doesn’t matter if he gets a healthy mix of boos and cheers everywhere he goes. It doesn’t matter if the Internet Wrestling Community hates him. He’s the guy, and he’ll be the guy until he decides it’s time to hang it up.

That’s at least what one wrestling industry insider believes. Dave Meltzer, on a recent episode of the Wrestling Observer radio show, had this to say about Cena.

“You know how they talk about who’s going to be the future face of the company? There ain’t gonna be one. It’s the era of the mid-card, where everybody is a mid-carder. John Cena is going to be the last main-eventer ever, probably. Either the baby-faces are all going to be goofs or incompetent, or missing the thing to get over while thinking they have it… and the heels are going to be puppets like the Big Show, that turn fifteen times and are just kind of there. At least with Seth, you at least get good matches out of him.”

Meltzer’s outlook for the future of the WWE isn’t a very cheery one, considering that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently speculated that Cena had “two, maybe three years” left on his WWE run on the Texas Rattlesnake’s podcast.

While Cena has been criticized by wrestlers like CM Punk for not doing enough for the younger guys, Cageside Seats did a recent analysis of Cena’s wins and losses at WWE pay-per-views and found that he’s actually pretty even when it comes to doing jobs vs. taking high-profile victories.

According to CSS, before SummerSlam 2013, John Cena had a win/loss record of 7-6-3. Since SummerSlam 2013, he has posted a win/loss record of 10-6, but much of that was owed to the fact that WWE had a number of injuries that it had to deal with involving future main-eventers. John Cena has been the one constant, the guy that the company could depend on no matter what, and that, Meltzer believes, is another reason why there may never be another like him.

What do you think about Meltzer’s comments, wrestling fans? Is John Cena truly the last main-eventer for the company, and if so, what does that mean for the future of WWE?