February 25, 2015
Becca 'Bachelor' Secret: Chris Soules Surprised When Becca Tells Him She Is A Virgin

Becca told The Bachelor her secret on Monday night's episode of the popular dating show, and it was a doozy. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Becca decided to wait to tell Chris Soules that she was a virgin, and that she was saving herself for marriage. While you might think that this sort of thing would have come up on an earlier date, Becca decided to accept Chris Harrison's invitation to the Fantasy Suite before breaking the news to her boyfriend.

"His first response was a long, audible sigh, which was priceless. However, Chris then claimed to be just peachy about the whole thing, proving that perhaps he should have received an Oscar this weekend for his stellar acting ability."
When Becca told her Bachelor secret, no one really knew how Chris Soules was going to react, or what he was going to think. Social media was going crazy because there was a virgin going to the Fantasy Suite, and Becca admitted that she had some serious "temptation" issues when it came to Soules. However, it seems clear that he respected her decision to remain a virgin (presuming that's what she did), and that he found his feelings for her grow.

According to AOL, Chris didn't send Becca packing, even though that's what viewers were led to believe would happen. Instead, he sent Kaitlyn home, which was pretty upsetting to both her and him. The two remaining women, however, were thrilled.

While Becca's secret could have ruined her chances on The Bachelor, her virginity didn't deter Chris from keeping her around. On a preview for the finale, his family seems to think that he's really into Becca, but that her inexperience with love (and sex) could actually be a problem for them moving forward. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Chris Soules opened up about Becca's big reveal, and while he may have looked completely flabbergasted on television, he says that he was totally cool with it.

"Obviously sex is an important part of a relationship, and I'm not a virgin. Waiting until marriage was never part of my plan. But that doesn't mean that my future wife has to share that philosophy. Becca being a virgin was simply not a deal-breaker for me. If the chemistry is there, that's all that matters."
Do you think Chris will end up choosing Becca or Whitney in the end? Will his relationship last?

[Photo by ABC/Terri Eddington]