Chris Soules Talks Raw And Emotional Feelings: ‘Sex Is Important…And I’m Not A Virgin’

The Bachelor star Chris Soules is slowly falling in love with the final women and last night’s episode, which focused on the fantasy suites and overnight dates, proved to be tough for Soules. This was partly in due to Becca’s admission that she is a virgin, and part of the idea with the fantasy suite is to see if there is that physical spark as well.

Chris Soules faced some serious decisions on yesterday’s episode, because of the fantasy suite dates. Soules would be spending the night with the ladies, and the focus was definitely on Becca. Would she be open to spending the night with Chris, or would she keep her promise to herself and wait until marriage?

According to a new People report, The Bachelor star Chris Soules is now revealing that sex is important to him, but it is not important if his chosen wife wants to wait for marriage. Chris reveals that he can more than respect that decision.

“Obviously sex is an important part of a relationship, and I’m not a virgin. Waiting until marriage was never part of my plan. But that doesn’t mean that my future wife has to share that philosophy. Becca being a virgin was simply not a deal-breaker for me. If the chemistry is there, that’s all that matters,” Chris Soules has revealed about the situation, making his case that her virginity was not something he used against her.

Chris Soules has said several times that people’s choices to be virgins until marriage is not something that bothers him. In fact, Chris can support this viewpoint, even though he himself is no longer a virgin. And even though this wasn’t something that weighed heavily for him, Becca, not seeing herself in Arlington was a big one.

“I woke up the following morning in a raw, emotional state. I thought I would have more clarity about my relationship with Becca, but I was more confused than ever,” Soules reveals, adding that Becca had told him that she was falling in love with him, but she also said that she couldn’t see herself in Soules’ hometown of Arlington.

Of course, this has been a theme throughout the show. Arlington, Iowa is a very small town. In fact, some of the ladies would consider it a ghost town because nothing is open and stores have closed down and been abandoned. The only person who has expressed interest in trying it out is Whitney.

According to the Inquisitr, Chris has found love. There are rumors that Whitney is his final choice. No word on how she is enjoying Arlington.

What do you think of Chris Soules’ feelings? Do you agree with him that sex is important?

[Image via ABC]