Ramona Singer Admits She And Bethenny Frankel Had ‘Intense Moment’ Filming ‘RHONY’ Recently

Ramona Singer isn’t denying that she and Bethenny Frankel got into some drama recently while filming Season 7 of The Real Housewives of New York City. Ramona actually helped publicize the fight. Over the weekend, Ramona tweeted a photo of her and Bethenny arguing with one another while attending Sonja Morgan’s fashion show. Ramona admitted that she and Bethenny had an “intense moment.”


E! News reported that Bethenny immediately had an “aggressive” confrontation with Ramona the minute she sat down at Sonja’s debut of her new fashion line. A source said that it seemed that they were talking about something that had happened earlier.

“When Bethenny took her seat in the front row, she immediately started a conversation with Ramona that looked aggressive. The issue was something that had occurred earlier between them.”

The source also said that Bethenny seemed to have caught Ramona off-guard.

“Ramona seemed very caught off guard. She was apparently blindsided by Bethenny’s confrontation.”

The drama between the two women didn’t just happen while they were sitting down next to each other either. A photo published with the E! News article shows Bethenny and Ramona also arguing either prior to or after the fashion show. Surrounding them are LuAnn de Lesseps, Kristen Taekman, and new cast member Dorinda Medley.

Ramona Singer, who has been with the show since the very first season, will be seen on Season 7 as a recurring housewife while Bethenny Frankel, who had stayed away for three seasons, is expected to be featured as a starring housewife. In October, 2014, executive producer Andy Cohen revealed during one of his Ask Andy segments that he personally convinced Bethenny to return to the show in her kitchen.

“The thing transpired in her kitchen. I went over there to convince her to come back to the show. She had different ideas about things she wanted to do. I kind of said I don’t think that those are good ideas. I have a good idea! I brought it up and she said OK I’m listening. I told her all my reasons…We had a very long talk about it. And then she said I’m in. We had a deal. This all happened in late-June, I think, or July.”

When Bethenny Frankel’s return to the show was announced last fall, she released a statement stating that she was both excited and nervous about going back to where it all started.

“I’m genuinely excited, with a side of slightly nervous, for my return to The Real Housewives of New York City. Bravo has always been the place on television where I have the freedom to be unfiltered, honest and inappropriate, with an audience who has been with me from the beginning. I can’t wait to see what this next chapter brings for all of us. Watch what happens!”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kristen Taekman has hinted that Bethenny Frankel’s return to the show has ruffled some feathers. It certainly seems to have ruffled Ramona’s feathers a bit.

[Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]