Lisa Lavoie, Teacher, Accused of Running Away with Teen Student [MUGSHOT + VIDEO]

Lisa Lavoie, a teacher from Holyoke, Massachusetts, is facing charges of child endangerment after police say she ran away with her 15-year-old student. Investigators believe she also committed statutory rape.

Lisa Lavoie Investigation

Police say they found Lisa Lavoie, 24, with the boy in a hotel room in Morgantown, West Virginia this week, local media outlets report. The teen had been missing for about a week. Detectives say they used spending records to track the two down.

The boy’s mother had apparently contacted the school–Maurice Donahue Elementary–three days before her child disappeared. She reportedly told the school she was worried her son was involved in some sort of affair with Lavoie.

Lisa Lavoie taught 8th grade. She had only been at the Holyoke school for five months. Lavoie is now on administrative leave and will have her Massachusetts teaching license permanently revoked if found guilty.

Lisa Lavoie Video

The following Lisa Lavoie video features a news report detailing the case and the charges.