‘Our Little Family’ Spoilers: Jack Gets A Castle, CeCe And Cate Start Potty Training

Our Little Family got off to a fantastic start with its premiere last week and now the Hamill family is back with two new episodes airing on TLC Tuesday night. What can viewers expect to see in these next episodes with Dan, Michelle, Jack, CeCe and Cate? There are a few Our Little Family spoilers available and fans will enjoy these next shows.

Entertainment Tonight shares that Tuesday night viewers will watch as Dan works on building a castle fort for Jack. Of course this type of project is a big challenge for most dads, though Dan’s stature of course can add some additional complexities. At the same time, Dan makes a living doing contractor work, so he definitely knows his stuff in this regard.

Dan gets the fort castle finished and the family is ready to share it when Jack gets off the bus from kindergarten. Jack and his buddies race down to the house and everybody is thrilled to explore the new fort. Dan mentions that there were a lot of things he incorporated to ensure that Jack could easily play in the fort given his size, but all kids of all sizes can have a blast.

TV Guide notes that the two episodes airing on Tuesday night also include a bit of Michelle worrying about Jack playing soccer with some of the bigger or older kids. She’s already opened up about her worries for Jack as he tackles school and this will probably always be a challenge for her.

The second episode airing Tuesday night brings an anniversary for Michelle and Dan Hamill to celebrate. Our Little Family spoilers indicate, however, that Dan may miss the mark in the gift he chooses for his wife. In addition, viewers will be treated to double potty-training fun as Cate and CeCe start the process.

The Hamill family scored a fantastic time slot as their show is airing right after 19 Kids and Counting. Fans are definitely missing new episodes of both The Little Couple and Little People, Big World right now, so it’s really no surprise that Our Little Family got off to a great start.

The family has shared that the initial run of the show will consist of 10 episodes airing over five weeks. Would Dan, Michelle, Jack, CeCe and Cate be up for more? It seems they would indeed and many fans are already hoping for a second season ahead. Tune in to Our Little Family airing Tuesday, February 24 on TLC to see what the Hamills are up to next.

[Image via TLC]