Chris Kyle Is A Hero – Not A Movie Star [Opinion]

Chris Kyle, the “American Sniper,” is a hero. Kyle is confirmed as the most lethal sniper in American history with over 160 confirmed kills during four tours in Afghanistan. The one thing that bothers me the most coming out of the Oscars is the number of people who were upset that American Sniper only won one Academy Award.

Hollywood is liberal. So, the fact that they did not select a movie for awards should have been expected. Chris Kyle is also not a movie star, but Kyle’s story was powerful enough to draw record crowds.

As my son and I watched American Sniper, the one thing I can say with a 100 percent certainty was American Sniper is not political. (It was only liberals who thought there was a political slant to this movie.) The movie I saw was about a man who had a love of country who took it upon himself to do something about it.

There will be people who will quote passages from Kyle’s book where it seems to imply that Chris enjoyed killing people. Honestly, these people seem to forget one simple thing about war.

“War is hell.”

Even Chris Kyle would say as much, but liberals in Hollywood, and in general, would not point out that fact to you.

Chris Kyle Quote About War

American Sniper told a more comprehensive story than you would ever hear – unless you have the respect for the service of many veterans. In this day and age, getting your information from only one source is doing yourself a disservice. To get a clear understanding of a situation, you need to take time to learn more.

Kyle protected his men, Americans, who had served their country. The unanswerable question is obviously how many Americans would have died if it was not for Kyle. Hundreds? Thousands? The reality is that you and I would never know. Alternate timelines are best left for science fiction movies.

Chris Kyle struggled with what he had to do. He also had the struggles of trying to return to civilian life. Most people who have tried to label him a “killer,” “a murdering psychopath,” and so many others are also ones who never served and stood a post in service of their country. If the movie was even remotely accurate to what Kyle experienced in real life, each trip home to his family was hard because his “brothers” were still fighting and he needed to be there to protect them.

“Never leave a man behind.”

If liberals would actually know a veteran, they would have a different perspective. (Are there some who do? Of course, but they are not the ones who dominate the media and Hollywood and the liberal narrative.)

That slogan is the only saying I have ever heard that would explain why a soldier would perform multiple tours when they have a choice. Growing up in a military town, I can tell you that soldiers will do anything for the men in their unit.

Chris Kyle is a hero. He served his country, saved his fellow soldiers, and tried to make certain as many of them could return home. Not for fame and fortune, but because it was the right thing to do.

The one thing Chris Kyle is not – a movie star worried what a bunch of uptight liberals in Hollywood actually think.

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