David Lynch confirms Twitter account, insanity

Yet another star appearing on Twitter isn’t something we’d usually report on, but this star is both a favorite, and comes with a dose of insanity.

Director David Lynch, the man behind Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks in on Twitter, at the account @David_Lynch.

Nothing unusual so far, but it’s where he confirmed the account’s ownership that makes this a story left of center.

Lynch has taken to doing a daily weather report. No, there’s nothing tricky in what I just said, nor is this a name for something else. Lynch broadcasts a daily weather report…about the weather.

Why? we’re not quite sure, but at the end of a report February 19, Lynch confirmed that it was truly him on “the Twitter page.”

Here’s the weather according to David Lynch, and confirmation about Twitter. WTF is something that would apply to most of his movies, so it’s nothing really that strange for Lynch.

(via Jossip)