Is Chris Brown The Best Man For Rihanna?

Is Chris Brown still in love with Rihanna or is he simply bitter over the fact that they’re no longer together? Breezy made some pretty controversial comments regarding his relationship with Karrueche Tran and his ex-girlfriend during an interview on The Breakfast Club. Wet Paint reports that the “Loyal” R&B singer hit back at Kanye’s recent diss in a confusing way. He also apparently tried to diss Drake again — for the second time in a week — but his shade seemed more like a diss on the women in his life.

In Kanye’s new song “All Your Fault,” he blasts Brown and raps that the controversial singer probably told his current girlfriend (Karrueche Tran) that she’d never do better than him. When he was pressed on whether or not he felt those lyrics to be true, Brown gave a surprising answer. He not only proudly agreed with the lyrics (which were apparently supposed to be a diss toward him) he said that the lyrics also applied to his former girlfriend Rihanna — whom he brutally beat in a 2008 assault.

“I feel what he meant by it. In any situation, when you look at yourself in a certain light — cocky or not — there’s nowhere to go. Even with ol’ girl [Rihanna], the first one. Who else she gon’ go to?”

Of course, the folks on The Breakfast Club had to remind Breezy that RiRi is currently supposedly dating Leonardo DiCaprio — who may have never won an Oscar, but he’s also never been convicted of domestic violence. Most importantly, he’s never been convicted of domestic violence with her as the victim — unlike Brown. He called DiCaprio a “good choice,” but it seems that his comments were mostly toward rapper Drake.

“But who else in this game she gon’ go to? Some corny singing rapper?”

It’s apparent that Chris Brown feels some kind of sour grapes when it comes to Rihanna and Drake having any romantic ties. Of course, this beef could have all spanned from the fact that RiRi and Drake dated briefly after Brown was convicted of assaulting the “Diamonds” singer. The two have even come to blows. Hollywood Life reported in 2012 that the two got into a bar fight, which left Brown’s car in a bloody mess after the fact.

It’s curious that he would so violently brutalize the woman he had so much love and adoration for, only to come out in the media seven years later to declare that she’ll never find anyone better than he. It’s further disturbing to see Brown say this about his current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran.

Many abuse and relationship experts believe that these kinds of statements are basic abuser behavior. Particularly in relationships where the woman is being abused, the abuser makes their victim feel not only powerless, but repellent. Specifically, abusers who are also narcissistic are known to tell their victims that they will never find anyone to love them as their abusers do, or will never find anyone as good, handsome, well-off, secure (insert adjective) as their abuser. This strengthens the cycle of co-dependency that exists in abusive relationships.

Will Rihanna or Drake respond to what Chris Brown has said?

[Photo: The Telegraph]