‘Vanderpump Rules’ Plastic Surgery: Jax Taylor Is Getting Botox

The latest round of Vanderpump Rules plastic surgery will soon be underway. On Instagram, Jax Taylor, who has been modeling for the last several years, revealed he would soon be getting Botox.

“Getting a little #Botox touch up from the boys @plastixdocs @jlayke #payman thanks john!! @bloomsalonandspa1 #ihateneedles #yesiknowthebookisupsidedown.”

This isn’t the first Vanderpump Rules plastic surgery procedure Taylor has undergone. Early on during season three, he was seen getting a nose job — and recovering from that nose job with the help of his friends, including Tom Schwartz and Scheana Marie.

This time, however, it is unlikely the cameras will be there to film, as season three appears to have wrapped filming weeks ago.

Taylor is just the latest Bravo star to undergo Vanderpump Rules plastic surgery. As Stassi Schroeder revealed during season three, she got a new chin years ago. She was also rumored to have gotten a breast augmentation, but credited her chest to added love pounds.

In other Jax Taylor news, as the Inquisitr reported, he recently spoke to Wetpaint Entertainment, revealing thoughts on Kristen Doute and her behavior at Scheana Marie’s wedding.

“Kristen is a loose cannon and drinks a lot,” he explained.

“For someone who’s trying to build their good graces in the group, it doesn’t show that she’s trying to make changes in her life. For someone her age, I think it’s time to pull it together. And that’s coming from me, Jax. I think it says a lot if I’m saying that. There’s times in life where you have to say, ‘maybe I shouldn’t drink,’ because it does get a little out of hand. It baffles me, to be honest, that she was even invited.”

While Doute kept it together during the ceremony, and even graciously traveled to Marie’s home, where she had left Mike Shay’s wedding gift, things took a turn for the worse during the reception after her boyfriend, James Kennedy, got a bit more drunk than she had hoped.

After Kennedy followed Doute and a male friend into the parking lot, where she was hoping to get a break from his drama, the couple engaged in a verbal battle, and Doute punched Kennedy in the face two times.

If fans do see Jax Taylor’s Vanderpump Rules plastic surgery on the show, it will likely be a part of season four, although the next installment has yet to be confirmed.

[Photo via Instagram]