February 23, 2015
Eddie Redmayne And Ansel Elgort Rock Navy Blue Tuxedos At 2015 Oscars

Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne and Ansel Elgort both stepped out in nearly identically navy blue tuxedos. Usually guys have little choice with colors and silhouettes when it comes to picking out a tux. It's also often rare for some of Hollywood's biggest names to step out on the Oscars red carpet in very similar gowns or outfits, especially when it comes to the ladies. But Eddie and Ansel almost looked like twins when it came to their matching navy blue looks.

Redmayne wore a navy blue tuxedo designed by Alexander McQueen. Meanwhile, Elgort, who was a presenter, opted for Prada. Both of their tuxedos were styled with black lapels. Despite looking like twins, both actors were accompanied to the 87th Academy Awards with their own leading ladies – Redmayne with new wife, Hannah Bagshawe, and Elgort with his mom, director Grethe Barett Holby.

Eddie and Ansel weren't the only guys in blue. Actor Miles Teller, who served as an Oscars presenter, also opted for a navy blue tux with black lapels. Teller's navy blue suit was also designed by Prada. Some noticed that that navy blue is a "definite" trend in men's fashion.

Eddie was feeling very "relaxed" on the Oscars red carpet. He told E! host Ryan Seacrest: "[I feel] relatively relaxed. Last time I was here I knew I had to sing, and just before I went on there was a guy in a headpiece, [and he said], 'There's a billion people watching.' My vocal cords can't hack that so tonight feels relatively chill in comparison."

The British actor felt comfortable in the presence of Sienna Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch. Redmayne spoke highly about them: "It's lovely [being here with] Ben Cumberbatch and Sienna Miller. We all started out together years ago, and it's always extraordinary when you get to see friends in the most extreme circumstances."

Redmayne had every right to feel relaxed at the Oscars. He won the Best Actor award for his role in The Theory of Everything. In the movie, Redmayne takes on the role of Stephen Hawking and has received plenty of praise from critics and from Hawkings himself. He was obviously overjoyed by his win, which showed in his emotional speech.
"This Oscar belongs to all of those people around the world battling ALS. It belongs to one exceptional family — Stephen, Jane, Jonathan, and the Hawking children."
Following Eddie's Best Actor win, the Inquisitr reported that Hawkings shared his joy for the actor on Facebook.
"Congratulations to Eddie Redmayne for winning an Oscar for playing me in The Theory of Everything Movie. Well done Eddie, I'm very proud of you."
What do you think of Eddie Redmayne and Ansel Elgort's navy blue tuxedos?

[Images: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]