February 23, 2015
Indie Gamers Explore The Titanic As It Sinks In Real Time

A small team of independent developers are giving backers of their IndiGoGo project a unique opportunity to spend five days on the RMS Titanic and experience the sinking of the largest ocean liner of its day in real time. The project is being touted as a truly unique game and experience for players who will be able to explore virtually every nook and cranny of the 1912 ocean liner that sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic.

The "core team" of Thomas Lynskey, Matthew DeWinkeleer and Kyle Hudak make up Four Funnels Entertainment, the operating name of the group owned by Vintage Digital Revival. The three men have an ambitious goal to recreate the entire RMS Titanic down to every room, corridor, cabin, and pantry as accurately as possible, which the player will be able to explore in first-person perspective however they choose.

According to the project's IndieGoGopage, gamers will be able to explore the RMS Titanic in a free roam mode, giving unlimited access to the ship, docks, and launch city of Southampton. The story mode of the game will put the player in the confines of 1912 society with a storyline involving the lead character, Robert Morgan, who has been framed for horrible crimes he did not commit. He must get on board the Titanic before it departs as his story continues on the famed ocean liner.

One of the most technically impressive goals of the project is to give the player the digital experience of watching the Titanic go down from inside. The events will play out over two hours and change with the ship tilting, flooding with water, and eventually breaking apart before it takes the lives of over 1,000 people. The story will continue as the player will be given choices of how he will spend his final hours on board the ship.

This will be the second crowdfunding effort by the Four Funnels Entertainment team though with a much larger asking amount. The Phase 2 fundraiser was just a little over $20,000 while the Phase 3 fundraiser currently ongoing is asking for $250,000 with a stretch goal of $1 million. With no living survivors, the last being Milvena Dean, which the Inquisitr has written about before, much of the research is being done by visits to the museums and locations that played a significant part in the history of the famed ocean liner.

[Image Source | Four Funnels Entertainment]