February 23, 2015
WWE News: Brock Lesnar And Paul Heyman To Address Roman Reigns On 'Monday Night Raw'

After last night's WWE Fast Lane pay-per-view, the WWE Universe has a better understanding what is coming at WrestleMania 31. For starters, Sting and Triple H are now confirmed to face each other, Goldust and Stardust are set for an encounter at WrestleMania 31, John Cena and Rusev are likely to wrestle in a rematch. Randy Orton also made his return to WWE TV and chased Seth Rollins out of the building.

However, that wasn't the main event of Fast Lane. Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan wrestled in a fantastic match. Regardless of the WWE fans' opinions, Reigns came to play last night and showed off more than his "5 moves of doom." Reigns defeated Bryan with a gigantic spear near the 20-minute mark of the bout.

After Reigns' victory, it is now confirmed that Brock Lesnar will defend his WWE World Heavyweight championship against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 31. That begs the question, what will happen on Monday Night Raw? Paul Heyman took to Twitter and revealed some news to the WWE fans about another universal encounter.

Not many fans in the WWE Universe, specifically the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC), have any interest for Reigns at the top of the mountain. A lot of the IWC doesn't want Reigns anywhere near the WWE World Heavyweight championship until he is ready. It's all subjective, but they aren't wrong. After last night, Reigns appears to be ready.

Immediately following the 4-star match, Bryan got up after taking the hellacious spear. He looked at Roman Reigns in the eyes and said, "You better kick his a**." Bryan shook the hand of the new No. 1-contender of Brock Lesnar's WWE Championship and walked to the back. Regardless of the criticism Reigns' faces on a daily basis, he earned respect last night.

Many media outlets are simply saying that Reigns is the "chosen one," so deal with it. Not everybody will agree with WWE's decision, but don't fret, there's still five weeks until WrestleMania 31 at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Seth Rollins has the potential to get added in the fray as well. He will wrestle Randy Orton at the "Showcase of the Immortals," which will be a fantastic match.

There's no reason why he can't cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and take the championship from Roman Reigns. If he wants to be the top heel in the WWE, that would be the perfect way to do that. The other option is to turn Roman Reigns heel, and align himself with Paul Heyman. Brock Lesnar would have to remain with the company and work another match. Five weeks to go until WrestleMania 31, so breathe easy WWE Universe.

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