February 23, 2015
‘RHOOC’ Star Peggy Tanous Could Soon Be Homeless: Bank Has Right To Kick Her Out

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Peggy Tanous may not be on the show anymore, but she is still making headlines. Sadly, Peggy is making headlines because she supposedly isn't making payments on her home. Rumors reveal that Peggy has actually skipped her mortgage payments in her home for almost five years. It sounds crazy and now the bank has permission to kick her out.

Peggy Tanous hasn't said anything about these stories on her social media accounts. Tanous hasn't even denied that this story is false, which just fuels the the rumors. Apparently, a judge has now granted the bank to take over the ownership of the home, which could leave Peggy homeless.

According to a new Radar Online report, Peggy Tanous and her children could be homeless if the bank decides to evict. The report claims that the U.S. Bank can now legally kick her out of her Irvine, California home. Peggy has lived in the house for eight years, even though she filed for bankruptcy back in February of 2013.

U.S. Bank claims Tanous has missed the last 75 monthly payments of $6,000, and that she owes the institution $1.54 million, on a house that's worth just just $840,000. In addition to that, Peggy Tanous is also rumored to owe $300,000 to another bank on a second mortgage on the home.

According to the Inquisitr, the story gets interesting when it comes to Peggy's personal relationship. In both reports, Peggy is listed as a divorced mother, as she supposedly divorced Micah Tanous without making it public. He has been paying her $2,500 in child support. What is interesting is that Peggy tweets about Micah, calling him her husband.

Just a few weeks ago, she tweeted that her "funny husband Micah" made a funny comment about gold diggers. Tanous has also written that she was taking "our girls" out for Valentine's Day brunch, clearly hinting that she and Micah are going strong. One thing that may be true is Peggy's supposed desire to go back on the show. On Friday, Tanous sent her support to the Beverly Hills housewives, who were filming the reunion.

"Wishing all the ladies of #RHOBH luck today and Andy while you tape the reunion!!! #RHOBH #RHOC #WWHL #fightingfriday #Bravo," Peggy Tanous tweeted.

What do you think of this story? Do you think Peggy Tanous and her husband missed their mortgage payments?

[Image via Bravo]