Woman Terrorized In Her Own Home By Super Sized Rat: ‘This Giant Rodent Has No Fear!’

A super sized rat said to be as big as a cat has reduced a London lady to a nervous wreck after brazenly terrorizing the poor woman in her own home.

Last Sunday, proud homeowner Kate Firth was enjoying a leisurely cup of tea when her attention was caught by something sinister staring in a threatening manner through her kitchen window.

To her great disgust, Kate realised the creature that had dared to violate the peace and tranquility of her inner sanctum was in fact a rat. Yet this wasn’t just any old rat, this little furry ball of pestilence and disease was a super sized rat, believed to be as big as 18 inches long. In other words, this cheeky rat was as big as a cat and twice as mean.

Kate confessed to The Mirror that the most alarming aspect of coming face to face with such a mean rodent was its audacious lack of fearfulness when confronted by a superior species.

“It was bizarre, I was sat having a cup of tea when I spotted the rat staring back at me.”

Instead of scuttling off back to the shadows and the sewers from whence it came, the brazen rat continued to eyeball Kate in a mocking and gloating fashion which barely disguised the rodent’s underlying aggressive intent.

The horrified Belsize Park homeowner is now terrified to even venture into her garden to tend to her flowers and feed the birds in case the super sized rat is lying in wait behind some innocuous shrub, ready to pounce and eager to attack.

“I’m afraid to venture outside, the gigantic rodent had no fear.”

Super size rats of the sort that would even give horror writer James Herbert nightmares, have been spotted more and more frequently in recent years. A pest controller recently found a 20-inch beast in Swindon and declared it the biggest on record.

The so called super rats are so-named because of a genetic mutation which creates a resistance to mainstream rodenticides.

Pest controller Justin Holloway of Prokill who trapped the 20-inch rat, believes a fearless and battle-hardened breed of super rats will grow in number and become much more of a problem as time marches on.

“One particular strain of rats were not so susceptible to rodenticides or the anti-coagulants served and, as a percentage of the total rat population, they become greater over time.

“As far as resistance is concerned, it is a growing issue and over a period of time I expect this to be a greater problem than it currently is, but establishing a time frame is harder.

“The implication is if you are a rat and you’re not being taken on, you might enjoy a longer life and grow to a larger size, because you are not being taken down. If there’s a good source of food and water it becomes a larger rat.”

Better call the Pied Piper of Hamelin!

{Image Via The Mirror}