February 23, 2015
JK Simmons Wins First Oscar for 'Whiplash'

JK Simmons has won his first ever Oscar for his new movie Whiplash. It is a movie he says he partially only got because of his background in music. He could read the score and understand the complex music throughout the movie. All the actors could read and understand music to give the movie a genuine feel.

It is Simmons' first Oscar, despite acting for almost 30 years. This marks his 20th award, though. He took home Best Supporting Actor beating the likes of Mark Ruffalo, Ethan Hawke and Edward Norton. It was tough competition, but not completed unexpected. Before the Academy Awards, JK took home a Critics' Choice Award, SAG Award and Golden Globe for his role. According to The Guardian, he plays a tough music teacher, driving his students to nervous collapse.

After the Oscars, Simmons explained that he never originally planned to go into acting. He enjoyed music and did a degree in the subject. During his teenage years, he played cheesy guitar tracks in coffee shops and then went onto playing classical music.

He told ABC that he was never formally trained in acting, and only gained his first acting role because of his musical background. Montana Playhouse needed someone to be able to act and sing, and he took on the role. Despite his a self-proclaimed "horrible" performance, he continued to return and fell into acting almost accidentally.

JK Simmons has since gone onto performing on the stage and screen since then. Many of his roles are on the small screen, with a recurring part in a number of Marvel's TV shows. He currently plays J. Jonah Jameson in Marvel's Avengers Assemble and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

During his acceptance speech at the 87th Academy Awards, Simmons urged people to pick up the phone and call their parents. After thanking his wife and children for their support, he explained that people take their parents for granted. It is important to do more than text them. He wanted people to go home and speak to the living parents that they are fortunate to have.

Whiplash gave Simmons a chance to take on a very different role. He plays a pianist and conductor, demanding perfection from his students at a prestigious music school. It was adapted from a short film that he had previously performed in, and earned five Academy Award nominations. JK Simmons was lucky to win his first ever Oscar for his role in Whiplash.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]