February 23, 2015
Oscars 2015: Joan Rivers, Elaine Stritch Left Out Of Memoriam Video -- And Twitter Is Angry

The 2015 Oscars were on Sunday night and awards were handed out to those that were the best in everything movies. There was also the annual memoriam video that always showcases and remembers those that have passed in the last year. Well, Twitter is outraged over the fact that both Joan Rivers and Elaine Stritch were left out.

Meryl Streep walked out onto the stage at the Oscars 2015 and gave a beautiful little speech before starting the video. The 87th annual Academy Awards paid tribute to actors, actresses, writers, directors, critics, crew, and more.

But not Joan Rivers and Elaine Stritch, as NY Daily News reported.

That is just a small taste of it, as it gets much worse in different forms.According to E! Online, many are angry that Elaine Stritch was left out of the Oscars memoriam video, as well. Two really big names such as them should have been put in. Maybe it was a mistake, but one figures that someone would have caught the omissions.Robin Williams was included, as was Mike Nichols, Maya Angelou, Lauren Bacall, Mickey Rooney, and so many more. Of course, they all deserved to be remembered since they passed and will always be idolized for their accomplishments.

Still, Joan Rivers and Elaine Stritch being left out is something that appears to be almost unforgivable. The amount that those two women contributed to the entertainment industry and the number of years devoted to it are immeasurable.

Some think it may have been because Rivers wasn't in a lot of movies, but she had her moments on the big screen. She also has done just about everything imaginable on television and beyond.

There is no denying that both Joan Rivers and Elaine Stritch will always be remembered for their work and their lives. Sadly, they will also be remembered for being left out of the memoriam video at the 2015 Oscars, and that's just something that didn't need to happen.

[Image via Getty Images/FilmMagic]