WWE’s The Miz Wants To Play Green Lantern Or Deadpool

WWE star The Miz has admitted that he wants to become an actor, and he’s even teased that he would like to play one of the superhero characters that Ryan Reynolds has previously portrayed.

The Miz was asked by TMZ, via Comic Book, “What is your dream role?” and he responded by declaring, “Ryan Reynolds has it. You guess which it is.”

This means that he could even have been talking about Deadpool or Green Lantern. Reynolds previously played Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, while he will be reprising the role for 2016’s solo adventure for the character. He also portrayed the beloved comic book character in the heavily criticized and ultimately financially unsuccessful 2011 Green Lantern adaptation.

The Miz certainly has a long way to go to prove that he has the screen presence or acting ability to tackle either of these franchises.

Elsewhere in the same interview, The Miz believes that he will ultimately be regarded as the greatest actor that the WWE has ever produced. In fact, his career ambition is to win a Best Actor Academy award, something that if it actually happened would certainly be a turn up for the books.

After being asked whether he was a better actor than the other WWE stars who have excelled on the big screen, which has included the likes of Dwayne Johnson and Dave Bautista, The Miz responded, “absolutely.”

The Miz went on to declare, “There is no WWE Superstar who has ever been a better actor than me. Do I respect all the wrestlers who have been performing? Absolutely. The Rock has done wonders with generating fans and saying we can do what we do better than anybody. But do I believe I’m better? Absolutely.”

[Image via BP]