Mayor Of Jerusalem Helps Take Down Arab Who Stabbed Jew In The Stomach

It’s not every day the mayor of a capital city himself gets to take down a terrorist, but that is exactly what happened on the streets of Jerusalem today.

Nir Barkat, who has been the mayor of the capital of Israel, Jerusalem, for some years now, found himself witnessing the stabbing of a Jew as he passed by in his car, along with his usual bodyguard detail.

When Mr. Barkat saw the commotion and noticed the 18-year-old Palestinian terrorist wielding a knife, he immediately instructed his driver to stop the vehicle while he and his bodyguards apprehended the terrorist, injuring him lightly and arranging for him to be taken into custody.

One of Barkat’s bodyguards drew his firearm and then wrestled the attacker to the ground, pinning him down until police arrived. The 27-year-old victim suffered a stab wound to the stomach and was “lightly injured,” according to Israeli police.

Meanwhile, a police spokesman confirmed that the terrorist had entered Israel illegally from the Palestinian-controlled areas and should have been detained before he entered Jerusalem.


Mayor Barkat spoke to the Jerusalem Post in Israel, telling them, “I was driving my car near [IDF] Square when suddenly my team saw the terrorist near us with a knife Both myself and my bodyguard immediately jumped out of my car, my guard drew his weapon and we held the terrorist until police arrived, and immediately took care of the casualty who fortunately was lightly injured.”

Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld told reporters that the “[p]olice force are on heightened alert in Jerusalem after the attack. The Palestinian is being questioned by the police.”

The attack today comes after decades of random Arab stabbings of Jews in Israel and is no real surprise to the people of Israel, who find themselves dealing with the threat of daily terror at the hands of militant extremist Muslims.