Haunted Dolls With Ghostly Spirits Bring Mischief And Bizarre Happenings To Scotland Home

A woman in Scotland has collected a lovely brood of dolls that have come to be every bit as much of her family as her own children, not just because she has an unusual love of dolls, but because these dolls are haunted vessels that carry ghostly spirits of the dead, capable of mischief, communication, and other bizarre events around the house.

The world of haunted dolls that possess a spirit are an intrigue of many. Communities of haunted doll owners even share their experiences and concerns on Facebook.

Gemma haunted doll
Gemma is a reportedly haunted doll shared in a Haunted Doll Facebook group, her spirit said to have briefly manifested while her owners communicated with her.

Katrin Reedik is part of this community, and says she now even has to hire a babysitter to watch her haunted dolls because of their peculiar, mischievous, and sometimes even dangerous behavior, reports the Daily Mail.

Reedik, 33, of Glasgow, Scotland, has reportedly invested thousands of pounds to procure her haunted dolls. The mother of two flesh and blood children — Christopher Robin, 8, and Karl, 7 — often spends her nights conversing with her haunted dolls about how they died.

“I became interested in the spirit world in 2008, while living in Estonia, Northern Europe, because I felt the presence of a spirit,” said Reedik.

“This started my interest in the paranormal and when I moved to Glasgow, in November, 2008, I started researching spooky things and stumbled upon haunted dolls.”

Online is where Katrin Reedik first discovered haunted dolls that contained the spirits of people that had died.

“Haunted dolls are not possessed as such, the doll is the spirit’s home. The spirit is attached to the doll and sometimes leaves it in the same way humans go to work every day. You can buy a doll, get it in the post, and the spirit comes with it.”

Katrin Reedik bought her first haunted doll, Mystical, from the U.S. for £10, and according to Katrin, as soon as Mystical arrived, strange and spooky things began to happen around the house.

“When she arrived I realized straight away she was not a doll, she was a person,” explained Reedik.

“That night I put her near the television I told her, ‘If you’re happy switch it off, if you are not happy leave it.’ The response was terrifying. The TV switched off and on, the lights flickered and I knew it was Mystical talking to me through the electricity. She told me she was happy to have been adopted by me. I was overwhelmed and had to put her away.”

Katrin bought more haunted dolls that allegedly came with spirits of the dead, continuing to experiment with different ways to communicate with the haunted dolls. A doll named Michael was the first that showed Reedik that the haunted dolls didn’t just communicate, but could also be trouble-makers.

“Michael, the second doll I got in June, 2011, is a baby who died from cot death in the 1980s and has since inhabited the body of a porcelain doll which I have now adopted into my care,” explains Reedik. “Michael is very active, he will twist his head. My mum noticed this too, and his facial expression changes.”

Reedik says Michael the haunted doll likes to watch cartoons and always turns the channel to his favorites no matter how many times Reedik tries to turn it back to whatever program she was trying to watch.

The haunted dolls have even started a fire in Reedik’s house with their energy, reports MoviePilot, an event that triggered the hiring of the babysitter.

Another haunted doll, a boy named Ashley, joined Reedik shortly after Michael.

“Ashley came weeks after Michael. One night Ashley revealed to me, through the use of a pendulum, that he died more than three decades ago in a car crash,” says Reedik. “He regularly hides my car keys, because of the accident. His mum passed over in the crash and now he doesn’t want me going out in my car. I shout out, ‘Ashley, Ashley,’ and the keys come back.”

Reedik’s current family of haunted dolls include Mystical, who lived to be 103 and is very wise; Michael, who died in the eighties when only a baby; Ashley, who was killed in a car accident over 30 years ago; Isabelle, who was just a little girl when cancer took her life; Yulia, a 33-year-old woman who lost her life in a plane crash; Baby Blue, who only lived a short time, passing away at ten months old; Iris and Pearl, who both died in their twenties; and Heather and Gretchen, who both died at just 7-years-old.

haunted china dolls
Katrin Reedik has spent thousands of pounds collecting her mischievous, haunted china dolls, that even tried to set her house on fire.

The last two are the most sinister haunted dolls, and the ones Reedik needs to care for with the most caution: Agatha, who seems to be evil as the Reedik children are frightened of the haunted doll, and Trena, a witch who died in her 30s.

“People think I am mad, but I have heard the dolls talk,” concludes Reedik.

“I have adopted them like I would a child and I would not let them go.”

So beware your next doll purchase, as it too may come with an extra haunted spirit that changes the channel.

[Images via MoviePilot, Facebook and the Sun]