WWE News: WWE Planning Big Angle Between Seth Rollins And ‘The Daily Show’s’ Jon Stewart This Week

It appears that WWE has run into a happy coincidence lately, as Seth Rollins is finally in the news for a positive reason. Rollins made a comment on WWE RAW last week that he could be the new host of The Daily Show and make the show watchable. As many have heard by now, Jon Stewart will be stepping down from the desk soon. However, he is not quite ready to give up the desk, especially to Rollins.

Stewart then blasted back at Rollins, delivering quite an entertaining promo to Mr. Money in the Bank. Rollins was then asked by TMZ about it. The story goes that Rollins put what he said into his promo as a funny addition and didn’t think it would blow up like it has. He also didn’t know Stewart would respond to his comment.

It appears that now WWE is playing up the angle between the two. According to Daily Wrestling News, it is expected that Rollins will appear on The Daily Show this week. Stewart will be filming new shows from Monday through Thursday. While WWE will be in Tennessee and Georgia this week for WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown, respectively, they are set for a live event at Madison Square Garden on Friday. Since The Daily Show films in New York, WWE might allow Rollins to fly back and forth or appear on the show Thursday since he has to be in New York anyway for the live event.

Stewart is a big WWE fan and has been to several WWE shows. In fact, he was present in Boston for the Money in the Bank PPV last year that saw Rollins win the MITB match. This is quite the coincidence for sure.

The Daily Show has a great demographic for WWE, as there is a high 18-35 male demographic for them. They have had people such as Mick Foley on the show countless times, and Stewart has even used footage from WWE RAW in his segments for the show. He also ended his show once after Brock Lesnar beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30 last year by going off on WWE in a comedic way for it.

Knowing all of this, we can certainly expect this angle to go down. This also helps out Seth Rollins, as it allows him to get some exposure outside of WWE. Between TMZ and The Daily Show, WWE can hopefully start to erase the nude picture controversy. However, this is the internet. Nothing is ever forgotten.

[IMG Credit: Comedy Central Twitter]