Wife Forgives Husband, Drops All Domestic Violence Charges Against Him, Gets Strangled On The Way Home From Court

Andrea Crew had been a victim of domestic violence for quite some time. She'd reportedly suffered years of physical, mental, and emotional abuse at the hands of her husband, Caleb. Unfortunately, when the opportunity to seek justice presented itself, Andrea had a change of heart that ultimately claimed her life.

Caleb, a former Marine, appeared at the Fairfax County Courthouse back in August of 2014 for domestic violence charges. According to the Mirror, the charges stemmed from an incident that took place back in July of 2013. He allegedly poured engine oil on his wife's head. He was arrested and charged with domestic violence. However, when he appeared in court, Andrea decided to drop all of the charges. The decision later proved to be fatal, because things took a horrific turn right after they left the courthouse hand in hand.

The couple reportedly started arguing while driving home. They stopped near a local bank where the fight reportedly escalated and Caleb snapped. He dragged her to the backseat of their Jeep and strangled her with his bare hands. However, the deadly assault didn't end there. Once he discovered she still had a pulse, he removed the tie he wore to court and strangled her yet again to "finish the job."

The next day, Caleb reported his wife missing. He fabricated a story about their disagreement, stating that his wife threatened to take their children and leave him. He claimed she'd walked away to think things over, but never returned. However, days later, a local fisherman discovered her body in the Occoquon River. After a two-hour interview with Fairfax County detectives Chris Flanagan and Eric Deane, Caleb confessed to strangling his wife and dumping her body. Hours after he strangled her, he stated that he tied a backpack filled with weights to her body before dumping her in the river.

Here's a brief excerpt of Caleb's confession.

"I took the phone. I grabbed her out of her chair. She only weighs 8 stone. I grabbed her throat and strangled her in the back seat,' he said. 'First thing I said was 'Goodbye'. I knew once I went down that path I couldn't go back. She said, 'Please Caleb', I started crying but I couldn't stop.' When asked why he'd used his tie after strangling her, he replied, 'To finish the job.'"
Although there were reportedly no physical injuries at the time of Caleb's arrest in 2013, family and friends of the couple insist Andrea suffered abuse for years. Most of the disputes in their marriage were about monetary issues. Caleb Crew has been sentenced to life in prison for the first-degree murder of his wife, Andrea Crew.

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