ISIS Seizes Chemical Weapons In Libya, Poses ‘Serious Danger,’ Claims Expert

According to the latest reports this weekend, ISIS, also known as Islamic State, may be sitting on a deadly cache of chemical weapons it allegedly seized during its takeover of large parts of Libya.

These weapons of mass destruction, according to war expert and former British Army officer Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, pose a real threat to Europe if they are unleashed by ISIS via Italy, for example, which is relatively close to Libya.

According to the expert, the terror group has unconfirmed quantities of sarin and mustard gas after defeating government forces in southern and central Libya. Even if these weapons are old and in a degraded state, they would, apparently, still be effective.

De Bretton-Gordon based his assumption on President Assad’s use of one ton of sarin in Ghouta, Syria, in August 2013, which killed as many as 1,000 people.

As he said to reporters, “We saw what a single ton of not very good quality sarin did in Ghouta. While we don’t know how much IS has acquired, and though the Libyan sarin dates back to the Gaddafi era, it would still have a toxicity and pose a danger. Libya is virtually Europe and so the fear factor from a European perspective is huge. I should think the security forces will be watching this situation very closely.”


Some online commenters have noted that the ISIS threat of chemical weapons may not be as bad as some claim.

A user called “Worldweary,” for example, commented, “Sarin and the like don’t seem to be the big deal you get in the films or on TV. Remember the Tokyo subway, where relatively few died in a confined space. Anyway, these guys are so dumb they’d probably off themselves first.”

While at the same time, another user, going by the name of “Joeninety,” asked,” Can we believe this article. Judging by DM’s other headlines, it makes me wonder. Do ISIS have nuclear capabilities? Do they eat food or are they robots from Mars? I may stop reading the news as it is clearly rubbish based on no facts whatsoever.”

According to those comments, the news of ISIS being in possession of chemical weapons is no big deal, while other people are certainly concerned about what the Islamist terror group could do with such weapons.