‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Another New Gay Character Is Coming Tonight

Jordan Woods-Robinson Joins The Walking Dead Cast

Last week, fans of The Walking Dead were shocked to see a clean, freshly-shaven stranger magically pop up in the middle of the woods. The survivors were just as surprised, and, just like many viewers, they’re going to have a hard time trusting Aaron (Ross Marquand). However, they’ll have to get used to being around people who aren’t a part of their close-knit crew. Before you read on, be forewarned that major spoilers for tonight’s episode lie ahead.

Fans of The Walking Dead comic books know that Aaron is the first openly gay male character to be introduced on the show. He’s a recruiter for a community called the Alexandria Safe-Zone, and Mr. Stranger Danger isn’t as alone as he first appears — he has a loved one out there making sure that he stays safe. According to the Spoiling Dead Fans, a relatively unknown actor named Jordan Woods-Robinson (pictured above) has been cast as Aaron’s working partner/boyfriend, Eric.

The Spoiling Dead Fans also shared a few major spoilers about what will happen with Aaron and Eric during tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead (“The Distance”). Poor Aaron will get tied up and punched in the face by a mistrustful Rick Grimes, and it doesn’t sound like the Ricktator will have a good reason to beat up the guy who just wants to help. Judith will also miss out on Aaron’s applesauce offering when Rick decides that it’s probably poisoned.

Aaron will do everything he can to convince the survivors that the Alexandria Safe-Zone is a real place, including showing them pictures of the walled community. Rick’s crew will eventually decide to check the place out, and they’ll split up into two groups. One of the groups will actually end up saving Eric after he runs into trouble, and the episode will end with everyone standing outside of the Alexandria Safe-Zone gates. Numerous new ASZ characters will be introduced in upcoming episodes, including a potential love interest for Rick.

During a recent interview with TV Guide, actor Ross Marquand gave Walking Dead fans a feel for what kind of man Aaron will turn out to be.

“He’s an affable man. He’s very nice, he’s very polite, and he’s almost Boy Scout-like in that regard,” Marquand said. “But there’s also this sort of wisecracking side that I think is really disarming and quite charming in this environment.”

In other words, he might offer the comic relief that The Walking Dead so desperately needs after so many dark and depressing episodes.

The Walking Dead airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. Are you looking forward to learning more about Aaron and Eric?

[Image credit: Jordan Woods-Robinson/Twitter]