Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Adrian Peterson Wants A Trade To Dallas, But Minnesota Won’t Comply

The Dallas Cowboys are rumored to be strong in the running for Adrian Peterson, who is said to be requesting a trade from the Minnesota Vikings.

Whether the Vikings play along is another matter.

The All-Pro running back has reportedly requested a trade to the Cowboys, but so far, Vikings officials have no desire to comply.

Adrian Peterson is still under contract to play for the Vikings in 2015, but seems to have wavered on the idea of playing for the team again. He is upset with the way the team treated him during his legal issues and said he is “uneasy” about returning.

“There were people (in the organization) that I trusted, who knew exactly what was said, that weren’t heard from,” Peterson said on ESPN. “It’s hard to say (what my future will be).”

Peterson added that he no longer feels the same loyalty to the team he once did, though he still has a close connection with many of his teammates.

“It shows you can have all the loyalty toward someone and toward an organization, a fan base, but when things really shift and it’s you or the empire, they’re going to put you out on a leash,” he said. “I said, ‘Of course (I would love to come back to the Vikings).’ I said it. But my emotions, as far as those things I feel, those are for players like (linebacker) Chad Greenway, those guys that play the game just like me, that have the same passion I have, the same goal I have, to win a championship. That’s where it comes from. It don’t come from the organization. I’m not in a good place when it comes to that.”

There have been rumors in the past linking the Dallas Cowboys to Adrian Peterson. Last offseason, months before Peterson’s arrest for child abuse, reports circulated that the Texas native spoke on the phone with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones about joining the team at some point.

Peterson has also admitted that he has thought about joining the Cowboys one day, especially having grown up just about an hour away.

The rumors connecting Adrian Peterson to the Dallas Cowboys could take on more urgency as the offseason goes on. The Cowboys are expected to lose running back DeMarco Murray to free agency, and there is also a strong possibility that Peterson could hold out if the Vikings don’t give in to his trade demand.