‘Grand Theft Auto V’: Five Reasons To Look Forward To ‘GTA V’ On PC

Grand Theft Auto V has sold a lot of copies. The latest entry in Rockstar’s satire on the human experience has sold over 45 million copies across the Xbox 360/One and PS3/PS4. Yet Rockstar still aims to earn even more as one fanbase has yet to get their collective hands on the game: PC.

Having been delayed since its initial January 27 launch, GTA V on PC is set to be the best version of the open-world game yet. However, if you’ve been wavering on whether to wait and buy the game on PC or cave and pick up the “next-gen” version, here are a few reasons to hold off till March.

Night GTA V Grand Theft Auto V Traffic
Higher traffic density will accompany higher pixel density, as Grand Theft Auto V will support 4K resolutions on PC.

4K Support

While the current versions of Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox One and PS4 run at native 1080p, thanks to the scale-able hardware of PCs, some users will be able to push their rigs beyond the industry HD standard. 4K support will be featured on the PC version, allowing players to bask in the Ultra-HD glory that is Los Santos. This is a PC-only feature, however, as the hardware in both the Xbox One and PS4 can’t come close to pushing out that amount of pixels and maintaining a stable framerate.

Speaking of framerates…

60FPS, Or Whatever Your PC Will Handle

Grand Theft Auto V will be able to run at a fluid 60 frames-per-second, or if you have an insane rig, as many frames as your PC can handle without melting to your desk. As touted by Rockstar in their screenshot reveal, GTA V will run at full 1080p60, exactly double the frames available on the “next-gen” consoles, which run the game at 1080p30. This is again thanks to the scale-able power of PCs. If your rig can handle it, push it. Otherwise, enjoy Grand Theft Auto V at higher frames than your console friends, allowing for a smoother, more fluid experience.

Triple Monitor Support

Ever wanted a more panoramic view of Los Santos and have enough room on your desk for three monitors? Grand Theft Auto V seeks to alleviate you of this feeling by offering triple monitor support on the PC. This will give you an even broader view of Los Santos in front of you, allowing for a more immersive experience in Grand Theft Auto. Whether it be doing what the title of GTA V implies (committing grand theft auto) or flying a jet in first person around San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto V on the PC with triple monitor support will put you into the experience better than most other games in the genre.

Mods, Mods, Mods!

Thanks to the PC community, you can expect multiple mods to be supported in Grand Theft Auto V. Whether it be ENB to enhance the look of the already beautiful game, or mods to replace characters with those of Marvel’s The Avengers, the PC modding community has been salivating at the chance of getting their hands on GTA V. So much so, in fact, that they’ve created the game in GTA IV already.

Video Editor

By far one of the best additions to the game, GTA V on PC will include a fully-featured video editor. This is exclusive to the PC version and will allow players to capture footage and edit it to share with the world. Showcase the 60FPS, 4K power of your rig staring at the wildlife in the forests north of Lost Santos, or record epic submarine missions — either way, Rockstar is giving GTA V players an easy way to capture and share their escapades inside their open-world game.

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[Images via Rockstar Games]