That's A Walmart Security Camera Visible From The Wheelchair-Accessible Dressing Room, Woman Says

Update: Kennedy filed a complaint about the security camera with the Livingston County Sheriff's Department, according to WHMI News, which also reported that a spokesperson from Walmart spokesman responded to the allegations by stating that there was never a camera in the security dome in question. It was indeed, according to the spokesperson, only a dummy security camera dome as suggested as a possibility in the original text of this Inquisitr article.

A woman posted a shocking photo to Facebook that she says is an image of a security camera, visible from a Walmart dressing room in Howell, Michigan. Facebook user Lisa Kennedy posted the photograph that she said was taken from inside the wheelchair-accessible dressing room onto Facebook as a public post and asked others to share her post. In the photo, a security camera is easily seen in the mirror's reflection. The photo stirred up outrage within the small Michigan community and quickly made the rounds on the community members' newsfeeds.

"I had a shocking, humiliating experience at the Howell, MI Walmart on February 18, 2015," Kennedy explained. "I entered the handicapped fitting room to try on a few shirts, a dress, pants and a couple of sports bras. After already changing a few times and standing in front of the mirror topless, I noticed a reflection of a surveillance camera in the mirror."

Kennedy said she could only see the security camera in the reflection of the mirror and not when she turned around, but she said that she believes the alleged camera could have had full view of the dressing room via the reflection in the mirror. The next day, she returned to the Walmart store in Howell, Michigan with her husband.

"He decided to go to the store the next day and sure enough, when he entered the room, he could see the surveillance camera in the reflection of the mirror. However, he was too tall to see it unless he squatted down more to my height (5'2"). My husband spoke with the attendant, two customer service managers, the store manager, assistant manager, security and other unidentified employees. The assistant manager said that corporate stipulates the layout of each and every store and there's no way we could see a camera."
After stepping inside the dressing room and seeing the security camera within the dressing room mirror, Kennedy said the manager was surprised and assured the couple that the surveillance camera would be relocated immediately.
"Management may not have known about the camera being able to see in there, but the Loss Prevention guys operating the camera? Who knows how many women and children have been seen by Howell Walmart 'security'?"
Most states actually allow dressing rooms to be monitored by security cameras, but Michigan is one of the states that does not allow security cameras to keep watch within dressing rooms, according to the Elephant Journal and the state website.

Some stores supplement their actual security cameras with "dummy dome cameras" that look like security cameras, but have no actual camera in them. They are placed strategically through stores to deter theft. Kennedy said that she plans to call the Walmart corporate office to discuss the alleged security camera that she said was visible from the dressing room.

[Photo via public Facebook post]