Vanilla Ice Hasn’t Slept Or Eaten Since Robbery Arrest, Calls It ‘The Worst Day Of My Life’

Vanilla Ice said he hasn’t slept or eaten since his recent burglary arrest, which he claimed was a misunderstanding that got out of hand.

The former rapper, born Robert Van Winkle, was arrested this week in Florida on charges of stealing furniture from a neighbor’s home. He was booked in the Palm Beach County Jail and released on $6,000 bond.

Afterward Vanilla Ice tried to paint the situation as a misunderstanding, and a police report states Vanilla Ice said “he was going to purchase” the home where the furniture was taken. The report noted that he “did not have any type of contract or down payment on the property.”

He later admitted to lying to police, but said he thought the furniture was being thrown away.

The items included (via TMZ):– An iron table with glass top valued at $450

— Patio chairs valued at $1,000

— A sofa valued at $1,000

— Two bicycles valued at $400

— Large mirror valued at $500

“It’s a misunderstanding, it was blown out of proportion,” the 47-year-old Van Winkle said. “It’s sad that good news doesn’t travel this fast. It’s just out of proportion and I wish you guys would focus on all the good things I’ve done.”

Vanilla Ice said he has been taking the incident very hard, saying he hasn’t slept or eaten since the arrest.

“I feel horrible,” he told ABC affiliate WPBF. “It’s the worst day of my life.”

Robert Van Winkle has left his rap days behind, and after several musical re-inventions now has found his calling as a renovator. He has a show on the DIY Network called The Vanilla Ice Project in which he fixes up houses.

“I’m a family man, I’m married, I got kids,” Van Winkle said. “I’m sorry to everybody.”

Vanilla Ice seemed to have sympathy from the home’s real estate broker, Jim Lovely, who told NBC 6 South Florida that the situation has been overblown.

“Whoever it is, why would you jeopardize going to jail for basically junk? It was just worthless furniture and some items so it doesn’t make much sense,” Lovely said. “The house wasn’t full of Picassos, so it wasn’t a high-dollar heist, so it’s just the principal [sic] of having to secure the place two and three times.”

The DIY Network said it had “been made aware of this situation and is currently looking into the matter,” and has not announced if Vanilla Ice could be fired or suspended for the burglary arrest.