Has Moving Lifeform Been Inadvertently Discovered By Opportunity Rover On Mars?

It seems a creature has been spotted on the move by the Opportunity Rover on Mars. This finding, however, is not as recent as the other “discoveries” made on the red planet of late, but the mystery surrounding it has created a continuous surge of questions.

While looking over photos from the Rover’s mission on Mars in 2004, ufologists came across an anomaly. Some pictures taken by the bot, only a few days apart, had a slight and interesting variation.

Lifeform moving on Mars

The first picture, which is in black and white, is seen without the tiny snail-like lifeform that is visible in the second photo. The picture with the tiny creature also shows what seems to be a trail being left in its wake.

The pictures, according to Will Farrar, who posted a video on YouTube showing the strange finding, were taken directly from NASA’s website. And looking through the 2004 Opportunity Rover Mars mission gallery, one can see the pictures that have piqued so many a questions.

Does this allege to the fact that there is a creature (or creatures) currently cruising around on the red planet?

Lifeform moving on Mars

Share what you think about this “alien” discovery — is NASA just trying to pull a fast one on us? Or did the Opportunity Rover inadvertently discover that there is, in fact, life on Mars?

Take a look at the pictures individually on NASA’s website here and here.

Lifeform moving on Mars

[Image via YouTube]