Amal Clooney’s Casual Valentine’s Day Look Was Not Cheap

Amal Alamuddin Clooney style

Amal Clooney stepped out with George for a laid-back Valentine’s Day date. It turns out it takes a nice chunk of change to look so effortlessly casual. The Fabulist crunched the numbers and estimated that Amal’s dressed-down outfit cost $7,803.

Assuming that Clooney was wearing authentic designer brands and not cheap knock-offs, there was plenty of cash spent on her boots, jewelry and cape. Her jeans clocked in at a reasonable $178, but the beige fringed outerwear, which Glamour noted is part of a recent trend, cost $3,990 from Saint Laurent. Saks Fifth Avenue’s online catalogue described it simply as “A Western-inspired design in buttery-soft suede, crafted with cord ties and tactile fringe trim.”

Glamour provided a list of lower-priced options for those looking to get in on the fringe trend, including casual shirts and bags.

The accessories made up the rest of the cost of Amal’s style. Her Gucci boots were $1,595, Nancy Gonzalez clutch was $1,650 and Akong London rhinestone necklace $390.

Amal Clooney has been a trendsetter since she started dating Clooney early last year. Prior to her fall wedding to the actor, she was already known as a fashion figure, often for making unique choices like different-colored pairs of shoes. Her Golden Globes outfit made waves not only because she wore a sleek black dress, but an unconventional pair of white opera gloves.

George Clooney weighed in on the planning that went into his wife’s awards-show look, and how it compared to his own easy style choices. Clooney recycled his wedding tux for the Globes.

“[G]uys just have it so much easier. It’s honestly not fair. Amal was looking at dresses last night still, trying to figure out what she was going to wear and I was watching the football game. It was 2 o’clock this afternoon we were still watching the ball game. It’s not fair to women at the award show, but it’s nice.”

Although George apparently pulled the tuxedo out of his closet and brushed it off for the Globes, it wasn’t off the rack. George’s wedding tux was designed by Giorgio Armani and had the actor’s name stitched into the label.

As for George’s style on Valentine’s Day, The Fabulist did not weigh in on the cost of his black button-up shirt and loose jeans. Just as most women could not afford to authentically replicate Amal’s look, it’s entirely possible George’s outfit would break the bank of everyday guys as well.

[Amal Clooney image courtesy of Getty]