Update On CM Punk Vs. WWE Doctor Chris Amann Lawsuit — Photo Of CM Punk’s Staph Infection Surfaces


Well, it took nearly three months, but WWE doctor Chris Amann has finally responded to CM Punk’s comments from the Art of Wrestling podcast, and is deciding to sue not only Punk, but the host of the Art of Wrestling podcast and Punk’s best friend, Colt Cabana.

First of all, for those of you wondering why Cabana is being sued, well, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer offered his take on it during last night’s Wrestling Observer Radio.

“Doctor Chris Amann sued CM Punk and Colt Cabana based on the podcast from November. He claims that CM Punk made everything up. That he never asked him to excise the infection, that he never told him there was an infection, that he never saw an infection. Just basically said he made up the whole story.

“WWE is sticking with it, because just moments after the lawsuit was announced they sent out a release saying that they’ve done an investigation and CM Punk never talked to anyone in talent relations, never talked to any of the medical personnel about any infection at any point.

“WWE’s idea is that if CM Punk is going to pretend like he doesn’t care about the lawsuit because he has money, then ‘we’re going to go sue his buddy who doesn’t have a lot of money, and put him through this, and that’s going to strain their friendship, or he’s going to have to financially cover for him.’ So it’s not a pleasant thing for his buddy, even if he wants to pretend like it doesn’t bother him.”

In WWE’s press release regarding the CM Punk case, they posted an unlisted video of Punk’s last night in the company, which was the 2014 Royal Rumble. They showed several close ups of Punk’s backside, and told the fans “you be the judge.” You can check out the video here.

There’s a photo that WWE fans are just now discovering on WWE.com from September of 2013, which clearly shows that CM Punk has a discolored, purple and white lump on the left side of his body. You can check out the photo below.

CM Punk

Another side note that Meltzer reported is that WWE is likely going to financially back Dr. Amann, with the idea being to interrupt Punk’s MMA training, which would either delay his UFC debut, or make his UFC debut a disaster.

WWE is also not happy about the money they paid Punk when they settled back in November, so this is their way of getting their revenge.

As for Punk, well, he hasn’t made a public statement, and it’s likely that he won’t respond publicly at all until the case is settled.

[Images via WWE and ESPN]