Its ‘Up Periscope’ For Pedro The Shetland Pony [Video]

Shetland pony

Pedro the Shetland pony has a huge problem. He’s too small. Because of this, he can’t see over his stable door and has been missing out on the passing parade of life. Thanks to the ideas of some clever children, his problem has now been solved.

According to ITV, Pedro is a mere 43 inches tall with tiny little legs. This means that with a normal stable door, he can’t see out and has been trying to stretch up to see over the door since he arrived at the Ebony Horse Club last year.

The club doesn’t have the necessary funds to build a bespoke stable for the tiny Shetland pony, as it is funded almost entirely by donations and is located in the Coldharbour Ward of Brixton, one of the most deprived neighborhoods in the UK. The community riding school gives local youngsters a chance to learn life skills and to partake in a regular sport, close to home.

The staff at the Ebony Horse Club scratched their heads trying to find a solution to tiny Pedro’s problem and finally invited a bunch of the local school children to brainstorm and come up with ideas. The children love the little Shetland pony and wanted to help Pedro, so he could see over his stable door and know what is going on in his new environment.

In the video, we can see the various ideas the kids came up with, like, for instance, Pedro standing on the back of a larger horse. Wouldn’t work. Another had a brain wave involving high-heeled shoes, but that was too dangerous for the little horse to wear. Hot air balloons were mentioned and many other ingenious suggestions, but finally one child came up with the perfect solution: The “Pedroscope.”

Basically, they created a cardboard periscope, similar to that used on submarines, so that Pedro can now look out into the yard and see what his fellow horsey friends are up to.

The delightful Shetland pony is a popular and affectionate addition to the Ebony Horse Club and is often on hand as a comforting pet for small, disabled children to visit in the area. He definitely is cute as a button!

The community riding club hasn’t given up on the idea of a specially built stable for the little guy, however, as the Metro gives details on how people can donate and get involved to help the tiny Shetland pony.

And Pedro himself? Getting all this media attention is just going way over his head.

[Image: Screengrab from video]