Oscars 2015 Awards Covered By African-American Talk Show, ‘The Nikki Rich Show’

Prior To Oscars At Jeff Gund Party - Nikki Rich Coverage

The Nikki Rich Show has been gaining popularity on the internet for the last couple of years. Well, it seems that the host, Nicole Richardson, is taking on the 2015 Oscars.

As can be seen from Nicole’s Instagram, as well as the show’s official website, she has been capturing coverage of Oscar nominees and the “Red Carpet” events.

Though the Academy Awards may be littered with press from all over the world, Richardson promises to get her piece and voice heard. She hopes to cover Oscar winners as well as get close-ups with some of the other celebrities in building.

Oscar 2015 Getting Ready For The Red Carpet
Credits: Instagram | The Nikki Rich Show
Pre-Oscars footage from the press stage.
Oscars 2015 Covered By The Nikki Rich Show
Credits: Instagram | The Nikki Rich Show
Nicole Richardson’s view as part of the 2015 Oscars’ press.
Oscar Nominee Coverage From The Red Carpet
Credits: The Nikki Rich Show
Oscar nominee coverage from the red carpet.

So far, during past award events, she has gotten photo ops with the likes of Columbus Short, Ceelo Green, Alex Trebek, David Progue, and a host of others. She covered the 2014 Oscars as well, so this is nothing new for her. Maybe this year she’ll luck out and get a one-on-one with a celebrity who wins an Oscar award.

As far as credibility is concerned, people will always let you know how you’re doing, whether you’ve asked for their feedback or not. Accordingly, fans seem to love her candor and resourcefulness.

Likewise, many will to tune into her Oscars’ live feed. Why “many”? Well, interestingly enough, she’s been featured on Oprah’s site as a notable “OWNer.” Possibly, she has some major moves up ahead, post-Oscars.

Though she already has the radio show, she’s about to start filming with a live audience as well. According to the show’s site, after the Oscars are over, she will be filming her shows at Concrete Studios in Los Angeles, California.

What do you think about her coverage of the 2015 Oscars? Will you tune into the awards show?

Oscars 2015 Covered By The Nikki Rich Show - African American Talk Show Host
Credits: The Nikki Rich Show
She seems to be making waves in the talk-show world. What do you think?

[Feature Image via Instagram/The Nikki Rich Show]