Two Kids Killed: New Jersey Fire On Third Floor Of Home Leaves Seven Homeless And Two Kids Dead

Two kids killed New Jersey fire

Two kids were killed in a New Jersey fire on Friday night. According to the New York Daily News, 1-year-old Zion Tony, and 6-year-old Jayda McEachin were on the third floor of the Orange home when it went up in flames. While people were reportedly jumping out of the third story windows of the home, the children were left behind. Two other children managed to jump out the window to safety.

Zion and Jayda’s mother was able to get out of the home, but couldn’t save her babies.

“We saw smoke from the corner and we came down here and I saw kids upstairs. We saw a lady there and the kids, and we were telling her to throw the kids, but she was scared. It took like 10 minutes but the kids jumped. Then she just went back in,” said Darryl Mayfield, who witnessed the fire.

The two kids killed in the New Jersey fire were the only two deaths reported in the four-alarm blaze. There were seven other people in the home who managed to get out before the flames engulfed the structure completely. The children’s mother is understandably “distraught.” She was rushed to a nearby hospital with burns on her body. Her current condition is unknown.

According to Yahoo! News, the two children (brother and sister) were trapped in an attic bedroom inside the home. The fire ripped through every floor of the home though it’s unclear how or where it originated. Authorities are still investigating the cause.

Neighbors are devastated and have been stopping by the charred home today, all in complete disbelief.

Just last month, a fire tore through a home in Louisiana with a similar outcome. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, two children died inside that home. Their 21-year-old mother left them home alone while she went to have her hair done. She has since been charged with neglect. Tashae Thompson Johnson, 4, and Clifton Thompson Johnson, 3, lost their lives that day.

“While investigators of the state fire marshal’s office are still piecing together their findings in the tragic fire that occurred on Pruett Street, one thing is certain: Ciarria Johnson … left her children unattended for hours as she was having her hair styled,” said State Fire Marshal Deputy Chief Brant Thompson.

Authorities believe that a gas space heater left on inside the home was to blame for the blaze.

[Photo courtesy of Fir0002/Flagstaffotos / Wikimedia Commons]